The Hidden Cost of Missed Customer Service Opportunities

Episode Summary

The relationship between customers and businesses has changed dramatically in recent years. Today brands can’t bank on customer loyalty. When customers receive poor service, they won’t think twice about moving on. The data shows that customers have stopped doing business with brands an average of four times in the past year after a bad customer service experience. If losing a customer due to a poor experience isn’t bad enough, there’s also the issue of negative social media and online reviews. One recent study shows 92% of dissatisfied customers in today’s digital age are more likely to air their grievances in public forums and social networks, hurting a company’s brand and impacting overall market and customer perception. A simple negative comment, if left unaddressed, can balloon into missed opportunities. In this podcast, host Robert Murphy and guest Julien Rio discuss the four most common types of missed opportunities and what can be done to ensure your business is protected. If you have ever doubted that the smallest customer service problems can have tremendous consequences for your business, you’ll want to listen to this podcast.